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Kathy Norman - The Playful Hippie

We are Bob and Kathy Norman, a Prep that married a Hippie. Bob says he always wanted to be a Hippie! He was a military brat and traveled worldwide while I grew up on the family farm in the Mississippi Delta growing rice, soybeans, and some cotton. My Mom started greenhouses when I was 4 years old and at age 86, she is out today landscaping with her crew! 
I guess you could say I'm the Dreamer and Bob is the Thinker, Engineering Guy of our little operation. I say I am the Balloon and he is the Rock that keeps me from floating too far away into my own hippie universe. 
Bob has a real job but on the side, we were farming vegetable crops and beekeeping. We have decided now that we are older to choose a more air-conditioned life. If you have been to the South in the Summer, can I hear an Amen!
I have always been a crafter, it was the thing in the '70s. I started studying and experimenting with soaps in 2007. I became a YouTube and Soap Blogger fanatic. After much trial and a few catastrophes and using family and friends as my human guinea pigs, we have developed these fantastic soaps. 
Then I discovered Pinterest! Oh dear! My mind is very much akin to a 4-year-old's as far as attention span goes, chasing the newest shiny object, so there's NO WAY I can focus on simply soaps. I have banned myself from Pinterest many times but I still take peeks. What I'm saying is, we are making a lot of other fun, cool things that will be popping up. 
So I need three things from you. Support my habit by buying stuff then light a candle and say a prayer for Bob- he thinks he is going to retire soon! Funny...